Super Besse (Belarus/Valgevene)

“Powerful, dark and thrilling like a stripped down, dislocated Joy Division if they had elected to use a drum machine.” (TMW, review 2015)

Support Act: Girls in Pearls (Estonia/Eesti)

Girls In Pearls is a synthiepop project headed by twin sisters Vivi and Viveli Maar. Their gentle voices bring a dreamy, catchy and mellow music to the listeners, which altogether feels fresh, but still carries a vibe of nostalgia.

DJ Teetsov-Faulkner (Indie, post punk set)
DJ Aivar Meos (World Clinic)

Doors: 21:00

Girls in Pearls 22:00

Super Besse 00:00

Presale tickets: 10.-

At the door: 12.-