Off Kilter 21.04

Off-Kilter: OK004 Release Party

Off-Kilter celebrates the release of Kuzey’s “Augury” cassette EP!
Kuzey is another alter ego of Lauri Lember, mostly known as Born To Bang.
Kuzey (meaning “north” in Turkish) is an introverted exploration of soundscapes not
necessarily for the dance floor.
“Augury” consists of 5 tracks, ranging from sultry trip-hop, eerie ambient to
electro and dark dark techno. Keep your eyes on the event discussion for tasters!
Only a limited amount of 50 cassettes will be produced, so be quick on this one!

previous Off-Kilter releases:

Also featured – a special guest:
FREMEN (Silence) is an alter ego of a Tallinn-based Polish producer Żeńska Forma,
mainly known for curating the project “Silence, Silent Cinema Soundscapes”.

FREMEN’s work focuses on the exploration of the ritualistic power of the female voice
and the creation of intense musical-spiritual experiences by blending extreme sounds:
from droning bass and sharp beats, through witch-house melodies to highly processed vocals.

The LIVE performance draws influences from IDM, noise and tribal music,
produced by a wide array of sonic textures from synths, samples and self-recorded vocals.

And of course, OK resident DJ’s!
+Born To Bang

Support: 5€