If you like prog rock, you’ll love Kairon; IRSE!, who hail from western Finland. Expect from them elements of postrock, kosmische and shoegaze, too – their acclaimed 2014 debut Bandcamp-only release Ujubasajuba is more My Bloody Valentine than Magma – but mainly you should anticipate, from their new album Ruination, all the great things you associate with prog: intricate playing both quiet and loud, crazed instrumental extrapolations, manically darting rhythms and abrupt shifts from one section of a song to another. Oh, and a sense of the visionary and sublime – especially the literal definition of the latter, meaning an aspiration towards something exalted, noble, even divine.

Through the lovely people at Svart records, the new record Ruination will be on sale at the show and the before mentioned Ujubasajubi debut album will be available as a physical copy for the first time.


Doors 8pm
5 Euro entry