Eggbeater with J.Albert (NYC)

⌧ EGGBEATER no 5 ⌧

featuring effin J. ALBERT – LIVE!
we are so eggzited and so be should you 🤣

J. Albert, aka Jiovanni Nadal, is a fast rising producer and DJ hailing from
South Florida but who now resides in Queens, New York. He co-founded Exotic Dance records
with Person Of Interest and although only first emerged in 2015 he has already made a
big impression on those in the know.

Aside from releasing on Exotic Dance Records J. Albert has been tapped up by a number
of renowned labels including Hypercolour, Cult Trip, 1080P and Black Opal for a busy
run of EPs that show he has real breadth and depth in the studio. J. Albert also goes
by DJ Osom and Gaza Tech from time to time making his vinyl releases fresh and exciting,
raw and straight-up deep fusions of house and techno, perfectly suited to the heady crowds
and backrooms everywhere.

warm-up & cool-down by
DJ Mannekeen